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Free PDF Creator

100% free PDF creation from any Windows application

Why is Solid PDF Creator the best?

Other free PDF creators pale by comparison. Here are just a few of the flaws found in lesser PDF Creators. In all these cases, the free Solid PDF Creator performs perfectly.

Perfect Character Encoding

Correct character encoding is important so that you can:

  • search your PDF archives using keywords
  • recover content correctly from your PDF archives in future

PDF Character Encoding

While all of the above special characters display correctly in Acrobat Reader, copy and paste of the characters reveals that Solid PDF Creator has correctly coded the special characters in the PDF output while Cute PDF and PDF995 have not. Notice that the correctly encoded PDF from Solid PDF Creator is significantly smaller than the bloated low quality files from the other products.

Better Image Quality

Inferior PDF creators use simplistic strategies for image compression like simply Jpeg-ing all images. Solid PDF Creator uses appropriate image compression depending on the type of image. Unlike competitors, Solid PDF Creator is also highly configurable when it comes to image optimization options.

Other Free PDF Creators
Poor quality PDF images
Poor quality PDF images
Solid PDF Creator
High quality PDF images
High quality PDF images

Smaller PDF Files

When it comes to e-mail attachments and downloads, size still matters. For lesser PDF creators, achieving small PDF file sizes comes at the expense of quality. Solid PDF Creator makes the smallest files possible while still retaining a very high level of quality.

PDF/A-1b Compliant Archives

No other free PDF creators are capable of creating PDF/A-1b (ISO 19005-1) compliant archive files. The list goes on. Who are you going to trust with the quality of your archived PDF files?

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